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MMAAK Partners
Partners contributing to MMAAK Work:

Community Based Organisation (CBOs)


One of the grassroot-level NGOs having field experience in water, sanitation and health promotion activities more than a decade. Its programmes are supported by WaterAid , UK and focuses on water and sanitation promotion in the rural and urban areas of Tamilnadu State .

Media organisations

One of the largest HIV and AIDS websites in the world. Updated hourly.

Has methods of successfully communicating with those who are illiterate and cannot read, as well as conventional methods. It is now working along with the Ministry of Health in Botswana . In addition to this, it is working on a communication system where educational messages can be given to people, updated and changed as the need.

Health Unlimited
Health Unlimited was founded in 1984 with an aim of supporting war-affected communities in their efforts to achieve better health and well being. Most assistance in war areas tends to focus on emergency relief that, though essential, does not address long-term health need.

Journalists Against AIDS (JAAIDS) Nigeria
Media-based non-governmental HIV and AIDS advocacy organisation in Nigeria with the aim of enhancing the quality of media reporting of HIV and AIDS and reproductive health issues, through continuous training of journalists and provision of information resources for their use.

Media/Materials Clearing House
International resource for health professionals who seek samples of pamphlets, posters, videos, and many other media/materials designed to promote public health.

Plus News
PlusNews is produced under the banner of RHAIN, the Southern African Regional HIV/AIDS Information Network.

Regional HIV and AIDS information dissemination service based in Zimbabwe, established with the aim to promote, inform and support appropriate responses to the epidemic in the fields of HIV prevention, care, support, long-term planning and coping with the impact of AIDS.