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Partners contributing to MMAAK Work:

Strategic priority for Year 2008 - 2011  
MMAAK’s Strategic priorities (for the Country /Regional) for Year 2008 to 2011

This will be achieved through the following:
  • Mobilization of men to play a key role in HIV and AIDS prevention and Care
  • Formation / establishment of strategic alliances 
  • Strengthening capacity of men to respond to HIV and AIDS issues
  • Research on issues that affect men
  • Advocacy on cultural issues that hinder men from participating fully in HIV and AIDS prevention, care and support.
The main successes of MMAAK’s recent work

To date the movement of Men against AIDS in Kenya, has managed to
  • Initiate more than twenty male support Groups throughout Kenya.
  • Four Movements of Men against AIDS organisations within the Great Lakes Region, that is in Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Men are becoming actively involved in Prevention Care and Support services this is evident in project sites in Karatina, Kerugoya in Central province and Bondo in Nyanza with support from CAFOD where men are currently the ones providing home based care services while visiting sick community members infected with HIV and AIDS.
  • MMAAK has developed a training manual as a tool to guide the organisation in the process of facilitating and initiating Male support groups.
  • Community members and especially those men infected with HIV are trained as Trainers of Trainers, and are empowered to an extent where they are able to run and manage support groups that contribute to the larger vision of MMAAK.
  • Documentation of MMAAK activities has been a challenge, but the organisation has worked closely with the Media and other partners who have given support in a documenting some of the good practices and activities of MMAAK.
  • GSK/Positive Action has supported in the production of a Documentary “Who is Afraid of HIV?
  • AMREF has supported in the production of “She is my Sister” documentary, while the Norwegian Church AID has done a booklet on working with Men.
  • CAFOD has supported in highlighting the activities of MMAAK in the Media
  • MMAAK has established a resource centre where community members access information.
  • MMAAK members have actively participated in International Conferences where they have made oral presentation of abstracts. 
  • Building of MMAAK offices and Structures with an established and effective communication system has enabled MMAAK to reach out to more men to promote and enhance positive Masculinities.
  • CDC through CHF has strengthened the capacity of the organisation and supported men in other Preventions.
  • CONCERN WORLD WIDE has also supported MMAAK in Media Campaigns targeting Commercial wife inheritors and supporting the Income Generating Activities in Kano and Koroghocho.
  • Networking and Collaboration with other service providers has been a key strategy of MMAAK and this has enabled MMAAK to achieve more in providing support services and advocacy at a reasonably low cost and at the same time avoiding duplication.