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Aids in Kenya  
Over two decades since the first AIDS case was described in Kenya, HIV/AIDS still remains a huge problem for the country in its efforts for social and economic development. Responses to the pandemic have evolved over time as people became aware of this new disease, as they experienced illness and death among family members, and as services have developed to confront this epidemic. Initially many segments of society expressed denial of the disease. Early in the epidemic in Kenya political commitment was limited. While awareness of AIDS has been nearly universal for more than a decade, misconceptions still abound and many still have not dealt with this disease at a personal or community level.

The publication of six editions of AIDS in Kenya between 1992 and 2002 has enabled the Ministry of Health to document and disseminate valuable information and data on the prevailing HIV/AIDS situation in the country, its current and projected impact, the interventions being mounted against the pandemic, and their resultant effect.  

In this issue you will read more about:

  • Prevalence and trends of HIV in Kenya
  • Knowledge, attitudes and behaviour relating to HIV/AIDS
  • HIV prevention services
  • Care for people with HIV and treatment for those with AIDS
  • Impact and costs of AIDS
  • The burden of tuberculosis disease in Kenya