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A  Project with Partnership between GSK Kenya/POSITIVE ACTION and the MOVEMENT OF MEN AGAINST AIDS IN KENYA (MMAAK)

In 1999 when HIV/AIDS was declared a National Disaster by the then President of the Republic of Kenya, it was identified that Men could help make a difference in the fight against HIV/AIDS, so in the year 2000  a group of Men both infected and affected with HIV/AIDS came up with an initiative that would target men and support those that were infected in order that they might be able to cope with the condition of being HIV positive, The Movement of Men against AIDS in Kenya approached GSK Kenya for support, and soon enough the Men got into Action, as MMAAK got sponsorship and support from Positive Action /GSK.

The Movement started in a very low note but soon, it has grown and its presence is now being felt within the East and Central African Regions, Thanks to GSK MMAAK has been able to build a temporary building structure at the Metropolitan Hospital where it is based, the structure houses the Main Office/The Resource Center/The VCT/Training and Meeting Hall; the structure was completed with funding from Positive Action in June 2005. GSK Kenya also supports MMAAK members access Anti Retroviral Drugs at access prices; this has boosted the health of many within the organization who could not have afforded or even have been able to access the drugs in the first place, In the year 2001 The Movement which was then within an organization by the name of Soul to Soul International organized for people living with HIV/AIDS to be sensitized on the use of Anti Retroviral drugs, this was the first workshop of this kind to people living with HIV and many were grateful to GSK Kenya for organizing and giving people with HIV/AIDS an opportunity hither only given to Doctors. Positive Action through GSK Kenya has supported the growth of MMAAK by supporting MMAAK members to attend International Conferences especial the Bangkok conference, where MMAAK was show cased as an example of a male organization that was bringing a new dimension to care and support of people infected with HIV/AIDS.

The Movement has been involved in sensitizing people in the workplace and that’s enough reason why when GlaxoSmithKline Kenya (GSK) are organizing activities of sensitizing their workers on HIV/AIDS they call upon MMAAK to share and encourage  those who need to be tested and those that are infected or affected to join in the fight against HIV/AIDS. MMAAK has three Key programmes targeting men; these are Care and Support, Advocacy and Capacity building; Gender mainstreaming cuts across. The Movement has also initiated male projects in five provinces within the country, men now come out in the open to seek support and also get information that they initially lacked concerning HIV/AIDS.

The continuation of the Partnership with GSK has strengthened the organizations internal and external structures, this was done during a strategic planning workshop organized and supported by GSK, members of the organization benefited greatly through capacity building workshops they participated in that were being facilitated by the Center for African Family Studies, through the support of Positive Action.   The Movement of Men against AIDS at this point would like to appreciate and recognize the important role that GSK Kenya and Positive Action have played in the growth and support of People Living with HIV/AIDS in this country.