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Having realized the need for male involvement from the grass root level,MMAAK has been in partnership with Concern Kenya to increase male involvement at the community level.MMAAK has been involve in community mobilization in Kisumu and its environs  targeting  men both in and out of school,Matatu drivers and touts,fishermen,Boda boda riders , Commercial widow inheritors and the church sensitizing them on their role in slowing down the rates of new HIV infections.

With support from concern Kenya, MMAAK have trained men and women in Advocacy, Adherence counselling, Memory and will writing,

Entrepreneurshipand BCC trainings targeting Boda Boda riders, fishermen, and commercial widow inheritors.

With support from concern Kenya MMAAK have also been able to pay rent for both Manyatta office which is the coordinating office for western region and for Mahenya support group in Angola.
Concerns also have supported a full time coordinator and a counsellor at the Manyatta site. 


MMAAK with support form Concern Kenya have created several interventions targeting Prevention, Behaviour change and Positive Living.

MMAAK have continued to dialogue with the Angola community on culture and cultural practices that enhance the spread of the virus, behaviour change and the importance of ABC.

MMAAK have also been able to organize for voluntary counselling and testing and formed group support for those that have turned HIV positive with much emphasis to those that have turned negative to keep it negative.

Dialogue Forums

The dialogue forums have targeted community gate keepers, opinion leaders and older men who are the custodians of culture. Culture is dynamic and can not change overnight. The need to involve the community was key in realizing success. Through the forums MMAAK was able to create pro change agents who are now championing change in the community.

Many of those who have been practicing widow inheritance are now practicing is positive aspects with  the couple visiting the voluntary counseling  and testing first before starting to engage in sexual activities. The dialogue forums have also targeted you widows who were also identified as part and parcel of the inheritance. The inheritance issues have been looked at by MMAAK wholesomely together with other cross cutting issues in HIV/AIDS.


MMAAK have continued sensitize the Angola community, matatu touts and drivers,boda boda riders and fishermen on issues of Prevention and Male involvement. The sessions have targeted sustainable behaviour change amongst men as one way of slowing down the rates of new infections.

The sessions also targeted the male involvement in prevention, care and support Men’s health issues. Participants contributions during these workshops were also noted as they also through back challenge to the organization.

The workshops also targeted those practicing widow inheritances, women who have been inherited and young widows. This was to bring every one on board to achieve the desired results.

Group Therapy.

Group therapy is  form of continuous psychological support to people living with HIV and AIDS. MMAAK has  initiated two successful group therapy for men living with HIV and AIDS both in Kanoo Angola and Manyatta in Kisumu city. The therapy sessions are conducted on Saturdays and Mondays respectively. Men and women living with HIV and Aids come together to share challenges of living with HIV and AIDS and encourage one another.

During the sessions MMAAK have continued to source external resource persons to facilitate skills building sessions for the therapy members. Some of the areas where skills building have been offered are Nutrition, Positive living, Adherence and stigma and discrimination.

Through group therapies, we have seen an increase of men seeking health services as others now supports their wives who are on PMTCT.
Group therapy has enable many men reconsider their decisions in terms of living with HIV and AIDS which otherwise would have accelerated more new HIV infections.