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Positive Youth Initiative FAQs  
1. Where do referrals of HIV-infected youth to your Positive Youth Initiative come from?

The youths are referred from the MMAAK VCT and other VCT’s around Nairobi and from Health Institutions that collaborate closely with MMAAK e.g. Kenyatta National Hospital
2. Do you receive many referrals from VCT sites? What other programs have used the Positive Youth Initiative project as a model for developing/improving their own programs?

MMAAK is working closely with other organisations targeting Youth either infected or affected by HIV/AIDS and with this programme getting enough support there is the possibility that in can be replicated within the Provinces where MMAAK is established.

Do you encourage site visits for organizations interested in learning more about your work, and in replicating your program?
Yeah we welcome groups or organisations to visit and interact with the youth, who organise most of the activities within the project.
3. Has the Positive Youth Initiative led to positive behaviour change among HIV-infected young people in the program?

Yes of course we are currently seeing an overwhelming number of positive youth joining the project, even Youth from other organisations where the youth project has not been establish join in this is encouraging since many of the youth are willing to discuss sex and sexuality openly and are adopting Positive attitudes that encourage Positive living.

Does this program connect HIV + youth to health services that they would otherwise not access?

MMAAK works closely with Health institution within the provinces and around Nairobi. Within MMAAK’s premises there is a Hospital that takes care of the Health needs of the youth. Currently together with the Metropolitan Hospital, Members of MMAAK who are HIV Positive will be able to access free ART at the Hospital
4. Approximately how many young men (i.e., ages 15-25) are involved in the Movement of Men against AIDS project?
The number of Positive Youth between ages 15-25 who are currently involved in the project at MMAAK are about 60. While other Youth who are not necessarily infected but access services and information from the MMAAK resource center, or participate in other prevention activities number more than 300.