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Care and Support  
Capacity building, research and documentation
This programme is set to promote and enhance the skills of MMAAK staff within the secretariat together with members of MMAAK as a support group. The Movement builds the skills of its constituents and other implementing partners, so that they are better equipped to deal with problems and issues that arise in implementation of activities. The thematic areas that MMAAK has a bias in includes: Home based care, Advocacy, counseling, men involvement in HIV/AIDS Prevention care and support, nutrition and treatment literacy.

Research and methodology development
The Research component within the capacity building programme is not oriented to pure or clinical research, but rather to operational research. This covers Monitoring & Evaluation, feasibility studies,

participatory rural appraisals, participatory people appraisal and participatory urban appraisal. This is done for partners who require and enlist MMAAK to do the research for them, before embarking on a new project. And as for pure research participation is done with the full consent of the client, who after being informed is allowed to participate out of choice. MMAAK does so not directly but by forming partnerships and collaborations with research institutions.

MMAAK's work with men is a unique experience; this is an area where not so many institutions have ventured. MMAAK has documentation on its efforts in facilitating the formation of support groups of Men in Kenya and the Great Lakes Region of Africa, in countries such as Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, using a training manual developed specifically for targeting Men. Using methodologies established and pre tested to suit the needs of each community.

Resource center operations

The Resource Center at MMAAK is open to all members and Staff, other community members have access to information provided at the center. Data is collected and disseminated to other men in different parts of the Country. MMAAK has access to Information form other global Networks. The resource center operations facilitate the trickling up and trickling down of IEC Materials.

87, 405 people throughout the country had access to information that was provided by MMAAK. 23,135 materials were distributed out to members and the community, while 8,180 had access to information at the Centre throughout the year 2004.Our future plans are to expand and make the Resource center compliant with modern Information disbursement and storage Techniques.

Lack of enough materials and information and data storage systems is a major constraint.

IEC Material Development
This unit also oversees the development of Information education and communication materials including a quarterly newsletter.The Movement managed to produce pamphlets and brochures which were disseminated to the communities during the Advocacy activities. One member from MMAAK attended a five day workshop organized by the SIPPA project of Action AID and was trained on how to develop IEC materials. Indeed the skills acquired were used to develop the fact sheet that was used and disseminated during the World AIDS Day. The Capacity building officer is currently working together with a consultant from Positive Action to develop and produce the Manual for Men, this manual was pre tested both in Kigali and in Dar es Salaam and was quite effective in the delivery of the skills to the members.

MMAAK's skills building, training and sensitization programme trained and provided with skills members of the MMAAK extensions, especially in The Rift Valley and Coast Provinces who were sensitized on how they can best set up and start doing activities.

It is hoped with the identification of resources that MMAAK will do a needs assessment survey in this areas and try to gauge the level of skills that need to be imparted to the extension members , as far as training is concerned the most important aspect that needs urgent attention is on counseling, the members need to be trained as counselors so that they can effectively provide guidance and also run the group therapies effectively. MMAAK trainers also managed to train the Karatina Extension which is in central province skills in providing Home Based Care services to clients at home.

MMAAK members who have recently joined the organization were also sensitized and given information s to how the organization operates. This was in line with the mission of the Movement. The year 2004 also so the Movement apart from only concentrating its efforts only in Kenya, venture out to the Great Lakes Region to countries like Rwanda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania and held a two day workshop for men within the region the workshops were a starting point for the setting up of the Movement of Men in the great lakes region, where MMAAK will be graced with being invited to attend the launch of the Movement in the respective countries. All in all people were trained and sensitized through out the year 2004.