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Maanisha Project  

AMREF through the MAANISHA Project supported MMAAK in implementing activities that supported the creation of awareness on the involvement of Men in HIV Prevention, Care and Support.  the objective of the project was to advocate for improved access to services for people especially Men infected and affected by HIV and AIDS, through increased male involvement, to prevent new   HIV infection amongst the target community through Education and Capacity Building, to provide care and economic and psychological support for the community and specifically men living with HIV/AIDS through vocational training and establishment of linkages to micro-finance programmes.

The Target Population/GroupFishermen and Fish Mongers being sensitized during one of the activities around the lake by one   of MMAAK facilitators

The targeted community members were men and women in Manyatta which is located in Kisumu East Constituency and Dunga beach which is situated within Winam District Wiman Division East Kolwa Division Nyalenda B sub-location with an approximate 75,000 population.


MMAAK to achieve its objectives carried out several activities namely Dialogue forum, Sensitization Workshops, Training Workshops, and Home visits for clients who were either on treatment or Home based care.

Success and Challenges

Success and challenges noticed during implementation were the change of attitude amongst men  who were initially thought  seeking treatment, increase in number of men seeking psychological support through group therapy and taking active role in care provision an area that have been predominantly left for women.