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Karatina and Kerugoya Project  
Karatina and Kerugoya districts in Central Province benefited greatly by MMAAK introducing and initiating support services for Men both infected and affected. CAFODS contribution to MMAAK has supported the initiative in Central to grow, with a possibility of renewing the partnership. The expectation was that members of the two communities would be able to contribute to the sustainability of projects. MMAAK is currently providing technical skills to the already established groups both In Karatina and Kerogoya by building skills of people identified within the communities, who will be responsible of ensuring participation from those benefiting in the project.
MMAAK through CAFOD scaled up the initiative to reach out to the larger population and to strengthen the ongoing effort by providing quality and timely support for People living with HIV/AIDS, their families and other dependants.

The Target population/ Group
The project targeted men and women who were deemed vulnerable in Karatina Inoi, Konyu, Kerugoya in Central province