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Kano Angola Wife Inheritance Project  

MMAAK through CONCERN Kenya has been able to initiate program in slums of Korogocho Nairobi area. The other project areas where MMAAK/CONCERN has been working in is Nyanza province Kano Angola and Manyatta .

Kanoo Angola is a village in Kisumu Town East Constituency with a population of approximately 200,000.The inhibitors practices peasant farming but above all are strong custodians of culture.

Angola men both the young and the old a like practices widow inheritance and widow cleansing. The high levels of poverty have pushed men to practice commercial widow inheritance within and without the community. Young man tends to follow this trend as those who perform widow cleansing have perfected it as trade and an art of earning a living.

MMAAK with support form Concern Kenya have created several interventions targeting Prevention, Behavior change and Positive Living. MMAAK have continued to hold dialogue meting with the Angola community on culture and cultural practices that enhance the spread of virus that causes AIDS, behavior change and the importance of ABC.

MMAAK have also been able to organize for voluntary counseling and testing and formed group support for those that have turned HIV positive with much emphasis to those that have turned negative to keep it negative.

Through Dialogue forums, outreaches and sensitization workshops MMAAK was able to Mentor pro change agents who are now championing behavior change activities in the community.

Many of those who have been practicing widow inheritance are now practicing positive aspects with the couple visiting the voluntary counseling  and testing first before starting to engage in sexual activities. The dialogue forums have also targeted widows who were also identified as part and parcel of the inheritance. The inheritance issues have been looked at by MMAAK wholesomely together with other cross cutting issues in HIV/AIDS.